Why Are We Christians Important To The World?

The Belief Of The World Is Important To Jesus!


And may they be in us so that the world will believe you sent me.

John 17:21 (NLT)


Are We In This World


At the time of the coming of the Lord from Heaven, the Father and the Son will take up “their” eternal abode in the heart of each saint. Then the Lord Himself will appear in the clouds of heaven. There will be light in each of the true saints and then the greater Light will appear in the heavens.



The lesser lights will be drawn up to the Greater until there is one blazing manifestation of the Glory of God in Christ in the saints.


The Body will be joined to the glorious Head and will be an inseparable part of Him forever. The peoples of the earth will witness the ascending of the saints to meet the Lord in the air, as some witnessed the ascending of the Lord into the heaven as described in the first chapter of the Book of Acts.


When the world perceives that the saints are one in Christ in the Father, the world will believe that God indeed is the one who sent the Lord Jesus Christ into the world.


God the Father, the Creator of all, dearly loves the peoples of the earth. They are His creation. God has given the elect to Christ as firstfruits of the inhabitants of the earth.


One of the main purposes for the perfecting of the elect in Christ is that the remainder of mankind may behold the Glory of God through the elect.


The Christian churches have labored a little to bring about God’s eternal purpose but a great deal to bring about their own conflicting purposes. The people who are called by the Lord’s name have largely ignored the Spirit of God and have placed human beings in control of their efforts.


We see in our time the product of man’s efforts to use the Gospel in order to glorify himself. We have an immature set of believers who are divided into a thousand factions, each group seeking its own glory.


It is time now for the nation of God to be born “at once.” God will quickly bring into maturity and unity every believer who will abandon his own program of righteousness and obey the Holy Spirit of God. The release of the nations from the bondage of wickedness is dependent on our becoming one in Christ in God. The saints are the only light of the world, the only salt of the earth.


Those who have come into the Charismatic movement are in the place of the greatest danger and also of the greatest opportunity. If we seek to use the things of the Spirit of God we will fall into deception. If we use our gifts and knowledge to enter union with Christ in God we will be brought to the fullness of Divine Life such that the material creation will be released into the liberty of the children of God.


We are God’s firstfruits. We shall receive the double portion of the Spirit of God, not so we can become proud and self-seeking but so we may assist each member of the elect, and eventually the people of the saved nations, as he or she seeks to find righteousness, peace, and joy in the Spirit of God. This is the Kingdom of God that is coming into the earth at the appearing of the Lord Jesus from Heaven.





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