The Fingers Of Remarkable Spiritual Truth!

In my last blog post, we spent most of our time reading and learning about Amalek. 1st Samuel 15 is primarily about the Lord’s instructions to His earthly king (Saul) to carry out the destruction of Israel’s oldest mortal enemy, most of who descended from Esau. And it is this historical reality that was at the heart of one of the several “fingers” of remarkable spiritual truth that I said we’d explore in our study of this chapter.

I know that my last blog post, was a lot to assimilate, and some of it was perhaps a bit unnerving especially the part about how Amalek essentially represents the entire gentile portion of the world’s population (with one notable exception). The Gentile Church has been more used to thinking of us as God’s good guys, and the Hebrews as something less. But the Biblical reality is somewhat different.

The Fingers Of Remarkable Spiritual TruthWe learned that way back in Genesis upon the selection of Abraham as the father of people set apart for God (God’s covenant people) the world became divided and separated into two distinct people groups. But I probably haven’t (until last week) hammered home the sobering consequence that naturally born gentiles face as a result of that divine division.

Upon the Father’s act of dividing the world’s humans into Hebrews and gentiles, naturally born gentiles became identified as the enemies of God. Gentiles continue to be the natural born enemies of God’s Kingdom (and remain) enemies of Israel. And this is because naturally born gentiles are born with the spirit of Amalek (again, with one notable exception that I’ll explain in a moment).


  • Naturally, born Israelites (Hebrews) on the other hand are born as God’s chosen people.
  • Naturally born Hebrews are born as friends of Adonai.
  • Naturally born Hebrews are born as members of God’s Kingdom.
  • Naturally born Hebrews are born as enemies of Amalek.


And this is because naturally born Hebrews come from a line of selected people who have been redeemed by grace, and so redemption is typically theirs, but that redemption comes with a major IF.

You see the redemption of the Hebrews down in Egypt (although given to them as an act of grace) was conditional. Each Hebrew was given redemption by grace, and they remained redeemed IF they trusted God and obeyed His commandments (that would be given to them at Mt. Sinai just a few short weeks after their redemption).

The condition was that IF they ever turned away from God and rebelled to a severe enough extent, THEN God might react by nullifying that redemption on a case by case basis. So when it came to the all-important issue of redemption and harmony with Yehoveh they were in a similar, but not quite the same, boat as gentiles.

It was possible for a Hebrew (in most cases) to honestly and sincerely repent, turn from his rebellion, atone and come back to the God of Israel, and be restored to his natural born identity as God’s friend.

But a gentile begins life in an entirely different position and status before God than does a Hebrew. A gentile had to give up his original identity as a gentile and voluntarily join himself or herself to Israel on a physical, spiritual, and national basis to have redemption. That is until the time came for God’s Messiah to appear and begin His earthly ministry.

So now here is the lone exception to the rule that all gentiles are as Amalek, God’s natural enemies. In His mercy, the Lord devised a plan for the gentiles of the world to no longer be counted in His eyes as Amalek, if that’s what they wanted.

Under God’s plan, a gentile COULD apply for a transfer of identity, but the transfer was entirely conditional. IF a gentile would trust, through faith, in Israel’s Messiah, THEN that gentile would be counted as a Hebrew (a friend of God). That gentile would have his Amalekite identity and spirit exchanged for a Holy Spirit and a Hebrew identity. He’d remain a genealogical, physical, national gentile but on a divine spiritual level, God would declare he or she to be (and view them as) part of Israel (His chosen and elected people), and thus no longer part of Amalek.

Therefore as Paul says in Romans 11, we gentiles indeed shouldn’t boast about our new identity and status. We’ve done nothing to merit it. We are joining Israel, Israel isn’t joining us. Gentiles are exchanging our identity for their identity; they aren’t trading theirs for ours. We are participating in Israel’s Messiah; Israel isn’t participating in a gentile Messiah.

However if you asked the current religious leaders of many mainstream Christian denominations Jesus is now the gentile Messiah and Jews need to give up their Jewish identity to accept our gentile identity. What a tragic, misinformed, arrogant, rebellious doctrine. It couldn’t be more Biblically unsound (Old or New Testament) or could it possibly be more of an affront to Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach, who (as a Jew) came first to His Jewish brethren and only afterward to the Gentiles and even then conditionally.

Thank the Lord that as His redemptive plan enters into the end game, there is a movement of the Holy Spirit in every corner of this planet. Among Believers of every race, nation, and denomination, to give up all the tired old anti-Semitic doctrines that have grown out of these human made traditions created for no other reason than a desire to rip apart what God has joined together. Folks, millions of Christians have been operating under a case of mistaken identity for centuries.

Now with that “finger” explored about as far as I’d like to take it, we will move on in my next blog post to discovering other fingers of God.





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