The Coming Judgment!

Prophetic Judgment Pronounced On Them!


judgment is coming


Enoch, who lived in the seventh generation after Adam, prophesied about these people. He said, “Listen! The Lord is coming with countless thousands of his holy ones to execute judgment on the people of the world. He will convict every person of all the ungodly things they have done and for all the insults that ungodly sinners have spoken against him.”

Jude 14-15 (NLT)


All that we know about Enoch from Scripture is found in Genesis 5:18-24; Hebrews 11:5; and these two verses in Jude. He is called “the seventh from Adam” to identify him as the godly Enoch, since Cain had a son of the same name (Gen. 4:17).


In a society that was rapidly being polluted and destroyed by sin, Enoch walked with God and kept his life clean. He also ministered as a prophet and announced the coming judgment.


Bible scholars tell us that this quotation is from an apocryphal book called The Book of Enoch. The fact that Jude quoted from this non-biblical book does not mean the book is inspired and trustworthy, any more than Paul’s quotations from the Greek poets put God’s “seal of approval” on everything they wrote. The Spirit of God led Jude to use this quotation and make it a part of the inspired Scriptures.


When Enoch originally gave this message, it is possible that he was also referring to the coming judgment of the Flood. He certainly lived in an ungodly age, and it seemed that sinners were getting away with their evil deeds. But Enoch made it clear that judgment was coming and that the ungodly would get what was coming to them!


However, the final application of this prophecy is to the world in the end times, the very judgment that Peter wrote about in 2 Peter 3. The false teachers mocked this prophecy and argued that Jesus Christ would never come and God would never send judgment.


But their very attitude was proof that the Word is true, for our Lord and His Apostles, as well as the prophets, said that scoffers and mockers would appear in the last days (2 Peter 3:1-4). Enoch gave his prophecy thousands of years ago! See how patient God has been with those who have rebelled against Him!


What does Enoch’s prophecy say about the coming judgment?



It Will Be A Personal Judgment:

God Himself will come to judge the world. He will not send a famine or a flood, nor will He assign the task to an angel. He Himself will come. This shows the seriousness of the event, and also its finality. “For look—the Judge is standing at the door!” (James 5:9).


Though it is a personal judgment, our Lord will not judge alone; the saints of God will be with Him. The word saints in Jude 14 means “holy ones” and can also refer to the angels (Matt. 25:31).


However, we know from Revelation 19:14; Colossians 3:4; and 1 Thessalonians 3:13 that the people of God will accompany the Lord when He returns to earth to defeat His enemies and establish His righteous kingdom (1 Cor. 6:2-3). Over the centuries, the people of God have suffered at the hands of the ungodly, but one day the tables will be turned.


It Will Be A Universal Judgment.

He will execute judgment “upon all”—none will escape. Just as the Flood destroyed all who were outside the ark, and the fire and brimstone destroyed all in Sodom and Gomorrah except Lot and his wife and two daughters, so the last judgment will encompass all the ungodly. The word ungodly is used four times in this one verse! It will be “day of judgment, when ungodly people will be destroyed.” (2 Peter 3:7).


It Will Be A Just Judgment.

God will, convict (“convince”) them of their sins, declare them guilty, pass sentence on them, and then execute the punishment. There will be a Judge, Jesus Christ (John 5:22), but no jury. There will be prosecution, but no defense: for every mouth will be stopped (Rom. 3:19). There will be a sentence, but no appeal, for there can be any higher court than God’s final judgment. The entire procedure will be just, for the righteous Son of God will be in charge.


The Lord will have the record of their “ungodly deeds.”


He will also have a record of their motives and hidden desires as they committed these deeds and even these will be ungodly! He will recall the “hard speeches” (Jude 15) that they uttered against the Lord. The word hard carries the idea of “rough, harsh, stern, and uncivil.”


After all, these people were “murmurers” and “complainers” (Jude 16) and spoke harsh things against God. They were not “afraid to speak evil of dignities” (2 Peter 2:10), but at the judgment their words will testify against them. They spoke “great swelling words” (2 Peter 2:18; Jude 16), but at the judgment their great words will bring great wrath.


There are times when God’s children ask,


How long, O Lord?
    How long will the wicked be allowed to gloat?
How long will they speak with arrogance?
    How long will these evil people boast?


Psalm 94:3-4 (NLT)


The answer is given in Psalm 50:3


Our God approaches,
    and he is not silent.
Fire devours everything in his way,
    and a great storm rages around him.




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