Peter Stood With The Enemy By The Fire!

Peter Denies Jesus


Simon Peter followed Jesus, as did another of the disciples. That other disciple was acquainted with the high priest, so he was allowed to enter the high priest’s courtyard with Jesus. Peter had to stay outside the gate. Then the disciple who knew the high priest spoke to the woman watching at the gate, and she let Peter in. The woman asked Peter, “You’re not one of that man’s disciples, are you?”
“No,” he said, “I am not.”
Because it was cold, the household servants and the guards had made a charcoal fire. They stood around it, warming themselves, and Peter stood with them, warming himself.

John 18:15-18 (NLT)


Peter Denies JesusJesus had predicted that Peter would deny Him three times (Matt. 26:34; John 13:38), but that he would be restored to fellowship and service (Luke 22:32). Peter followed the crowd when he should have been fleeing (John 18:8; and see Matt. 26:30-32). Had he gone his way, he would never have denied the Lord. While we certainly admire his love and courage, we cannot agree with his actions: for he walked right into temptation. This is what Jesus warned him about in the Garden (Matt. 26:41).


We do not know who the other disciple was who went with Peter into the courtyard of the home of the high priest. It was probably John, though it is difficult to understand how a fisherman could be acquainted with the high priest and his household.


Was this “other disciple” possibly Nicodemus or Joseph of Arimathea?


They would certainly have access to this home.


As you watch Peter, you see him gradually moving into the place of temptation and sin; and his actions parallel the description in Psalm 1:1. First, Peter walked “in the counsel of the ungodly” when he followed Jesus and went into the high priest’s courtyard. Peter should have followed the counsel of Jesus and gotten out of there in a hurry! Then, Peter stood with the enemy by the fire (John 18:16, 18); and before long, he sat with the enemy (Luke 22:55). It was now too late and within a short time, he would deny his Lord three times.


First, a servant girl asked, “You’re not one of that man’s disciples, are you?” The Greek text indicates that she expected a negative answer, and that is what she got! Peter denied Christ by denying that he belonged to the band of disciples.


Bible Exposition Commentary – Be Transformed



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