How To Break Free From Peer Pressure?

Conquer Peer Pressure

Each generation faces strong peer pressure to follow the world’s ways, especially during adolescence. That pressure can twist an innocent young man/woman inside out until he/she is nearly unrecognizable to those close to them. Once gang mentality takes over, that young man/woman could easily find him in unexpected and troublesome situations. Wisdom calls, and her voice is clear:


“Remember your parents’ instruction. Avoid violence and violent people. If you don’t, violence will find you.”


Peer Pressure


My child, don’t go along with them!
Stay far away from their paths.
They rush to commit evil deeds.
They hurry to commit murder.
If a bird sees a trap being set,
it knows to stay away.
But these people set an ambush for themselves;
they are trying to get themselves killed.

Proverbs 1:15-18 (NLT)


The father tells his child how to avoid yielding to temptation.


  1. Check carefully the path you’re on and don’t walk with the wrong crowd. (This sounds very much like Ps. 1:1 and 2 Cor. 6:14-18.) If you’re walking with the wrong crowd, you’ll end up doing the wrong things.
  2. Don’t play with temptation, because temptation always leads to a trap (Prov. 1:17). Birds don’t take bait when they can plainly see the trap, and people ought to be smarter than birds.
  3. When you disobey God by harming others, you only harm yourself (vv. 18-19). You’re free to take what you want from life, but eventually you’ll have to pay for it, and the price you pay is higher than the value you gain. You end up sacrificing the permanent for the immediate, and that’s a bad investment.


The Voice Of Temptation To Peer Pressure

Anybody who makes it easy for us to disobey God certainly isn’t a friend. The offer they made sounded exciting, but it only led to disaster. How tragic that a group of people would actually find enjoyment in doing evil, and how foolish of them to think their loot would satisfy their desires. They rejected the eternal treasures of wisdom (3:14-16; 16:16) for the cheap trinkets of this world, and they lost their souls in the bargain.




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