What Lessons Can We Learn From Rebekah?

Lessons From Rebekah – God Is In Control


That’s more than just the title of a Twila Paris song; that’s a fact: God is in control. Yet those of us with controlling natures like to think we’re helping God by nudging others along the path of righteousness.


Or is that the path of rightness?
As in “I’m right and you’re not”?


mission-rebekahWhen I study Rebecca’s life and realize she knew the Lord yet didn’t fully trust him, I understand where my need for control gets me: nowhere fast.


When we’re running things, we often don’t ask questions or admit mistakes, just as “Rebecca did not wait for God to show her the right way to go, nor did she walk in integrity.”


But when we acknowledge God’s sovereignty, when we realize He’s in control of everything, we can relax. What a concept!


Strength Can Be A Bad Thing

Rebekah had many positive traits. However now we’ve watched her strengths turn into weaknesses. When the Word tells us, “Be strong in the Lord,” the key phrase is in the Lord.


Rebecca, however, relied on her own strength and her quick mind. Imagine if she’d instead stepped back and said, “I will wait for the Lord, then gave God the glory when He brought His will to pass, perhaps by changing Isaac’s heart, so that the patriarch willingly bestowed his blessing on Jacob.” Ah, but it takes a woman who is strong in the Lord to wait and to trust.


Thoughts And Questions Worth Considering

Rebekah was so in control she was out of control!


What have you observed about people with control issues – their motives, their methods, and their results?


In light of Rebecca’s personality, how would you differentiate between these words: control and manipulation; confidence and arrogance; determination and obsession?


What areas of your life might benefit from less control on your part and more control on the Holy Spirit’s part?


Have you ever tried to help God, what was the result?


How would you parent Jacob if he were your son? Would you go to any lengths, as Rebecca did, to help him get the blessing promised by God? Or would you teach in the virtues of trusting the Lord?


Have you ever been deceived by someone you trusted? What did you think of that person – and of yourself – when the truth was revealed?


What’s the most important lesson you learned from Rebecca, a mother who cared only about the end, not the means?




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