Is Money Evil?

The Love Of Money Is Evil!


During my time here, I protected them by the power of the name you gave me. I guarded them so that not one was lost, except the one headed for destruction, as the Scriptures foretold.


    John 17:12 (NLT)



“I guarded them so that not one was lost, except the one headed for destruction, as the Scriptures foretold.”


Love Of Money


Balaam, Gehazi, Judas, and Ananias and Sapphira testify to us from the eternal darkness that riches are deceitful, that the love of money indeed is the root of all evil.


“Christian” ministers today are teaching that the Lord’s people ought to be rich in the world’s goods and we should exercise faith in order to gain wealth. These Balaamite prophets, adorned in the finery of the present world, cannot see the bony ribs of the dying in Africa; neither can they hear the moans of despair coming from the parched lips of the mother attempting to nurse her starving infant.


These lovers of gold cannot see or hear the torments of the world’s population because the pursuit of wealth has blinded their eyes and stopped their ears. Yet they are preaching the saints should seek after money. The blind are leading the blind.


Shall they not bear their judgment?


The hour will come when the false prophets of money will be in outer darkness, clothed in rags, begging for a taste of the water of life. The poor of the earth, rich in faith, will be reveling in the sumptuous riches of the Kingdom. They will be dancing and singing for joy, playing with the children in the grassy meadows of glory under a radiant sky.


The teachers of the love of money will see from their oppressive dens the wealth and glory of the Kingdom in the distance. They will hear faintly the strains of the music of the angels. They will smell a bit of the fragrance of the heavenly air. But they will be kept at a distance until the Day of Judgment.


They became rich from their preaching but now they are impoverished. They should have laid up treasures in Heaven so at their death they could have rejoiced in the beauty and love of the spiritual Paradise. Instead they are in rags, awaiting the most terrifying of all court appearances.


This is the certain fate of Christian pastors, evangelists, and teachers who have chosen to use their profession to gain material wealth and comfort. When they die they will gnash their teeth in torment while the poorest of the saints will be dwelling in perfect joy and peace.


One of the conspicuous aspects of the reign of Antichrist will be the love of money, of material gain. The world government and the gigantic Christian organization of the last days will be dominated by the love of money. They all will be destroyed in the end.


Spiritual darkness has settled on the world today. Many of the Lord’s people already have been deceived. If the believers do not abandon at once the Antichrist love of material gain their fate will be torment with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and the Lamb (Revelation 14:10).


Where will their pastors and evangelists be then—they who pampered the believers and assured them that even though they were not bearing their cross behind Jesus they had no need to worry?


These false prophets have taught their followers that God loves them too much to deny them anything they desire.


What will they say to their flocks when they are looking with horror at each other in outer darkness?


Some who are teaching a “pre-Antichrist rapture” may not realize that they and their disciples already are serving and preaching Antichrist. Because they have chosen the riches of the world they will not be given the true riches of the Kingdom of God.


To Be Continued…





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