What Ingratitude!

Ingratitude Towards God!

“Therefore, behold, I [the Lord God] will hedge up her way with thorns;
And I will build a wall against her [shutting off her way] so that she cannot find her paths.
“She will [passionately] pursue her lovers, but she will not overtake them;
And she will seek them, but will not find them.
Then she will say, ‘Let me go and return to my first husband,
For it was better for me then than now!’
“For she (Israel) has not noticed nor understood nor realized that it was I [the Lord God] who gave her the grain and the new wine and the oil,
And lavished on her silver and gold,
Which they used for Baal and made into his image.
“Therefore, I will return and take back My grain at harvest time
And My new wine in its season.
I will also take away My wool and My flax
Given to cover her nakedness.

Hosea 2:6-9 (AMP)


IngratitudeInstead of thanking the true God for His blessings of food, water, and clothing, the nation thanked the false gods and used those gifts to serve idols. What ingratitude!


Therefore, God would fence Israel in “with thornbushes” and “block her path” by making the rewards of idol worship so disappointing that the people would be persuaded to turn back to God.


God provided rain for the land (Deut. 11:8-17), but the Israelites gave the credit to Baal, the rain god. Because it is God who gives us power to earn wealth (8:17-18) and enjoy the blessings of life (1 Tim. 6:17), we must thank Him and acknowledge His goodness.


What wickedness it is to take the gifts of God and use them to worship false gods!


God had every right to abandon His people, but instead, He chose to discipline them. The nation would chase after false gods, but Jehovah would block their paths and confuse their plans so that they would stumble on the way. He would take back His gifts and leave the nation as naked as a newborn baby and as barren as a desert.


Just as Gomer would return to her husband if she thought she would be better off with him, so people often return to God when they find life’s struggle too difficult to handle. Returning to God out of desperation is better than rebelling against him. But it is better yet to turn to God out of gratitude for his care.


It’s remarkable how many times God’s people are admonished in Scripture to be thankful. I’ve noted at least fifteen places where we’re commanded to “give thanks to the Lord,” and Psalm 100:4 and Colossians 3:15 both admonish us to be thankful. Both Jesus and Paul set the example by giving thanks often to the Lord for His blessings.


Material possessions are success symbols in most societies. Israel was a wealthy nation at this time, and Gomer may have accumulated silver and gold. But Gomer didn’t realize that Hosea had given her all she owned, just as Israel did not recognize God as the giver of blessings. Both Gomer and Israel used their possessions irresponsibly as they ran after other lovers and other gods.


One of the first steps toward rebellion against God is a refusal to give God thanks for His mercies (Rom. 1:21). God will not allow us to enjoy His gifts and at the same time ignore the Giver, for this is the essence of idolatry.


How do you use your possessions?


Use what God have given you to honor him.


I hope you have enjoyed this blog post on ingratitude. I find it so easy to complain about the things that I don’t have or when things aren’t going my way rather than being grateful to God for the many blessings He has given me. May we always be thankful in our hearts for God’s many blessings.


In my next blog post we are going to be talking about “Hypocrisy”.


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