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human race


In Genesis 3 through 5, Genesis next examines the realm of human relationships. The human race enters the picture. These chapters trace the story of humanity from Adam through Noah and reveal that the basic unit of society is the family.


These chapters also reveal the failure of human beings in their most basic relationships. People tried to be human without God, and the result was the introduction of the sin principle. Sin is the monkey wrench that has been thrown into the human machinery. It is the reason why we behave in ways that are destructive to ourselves and others – even when we know better and want better for ourselves and others.


As you read these chapters in Genesis, you’ll see how Adam rejected God’s plan and lost Paradise. Genesis 3 explains over one hundred centuries of human heartache, misery, torture, and bloodshed. Remove this chapter from the Bible, and the entire book becomes incomprehensible. But the most striking thing about it is that we find ourselves here.


The temptation and the fall are reproduced in our lives many times a day. We all have heard the voice of the tempter and felt the attraction of sin – and we all know the pangs of guilt that follow.


By grasping the basic truths of this important chapter, you can better understand Paul’s discussion of justification in Romans 5, his teaching in 1 Timothy 2:8-15 about men and women in the church, and his explanation in 1 Corinthians 15 of the future resurrection.


Adam’s disobedience brought sin into the human race; but the Bible gives us no explanation for the existence of Satan and evil before the fall of man. The record in Genesis 3 is not a myth. If the fall of man didn’t actually occur, then the Christian faith is built on fables, not fact, and Jesus Christ suffered needlessly on the cross.


From Genesis 3 to Revelation 21, the Bible records the conflict between God and Satan, sin and righteousness, and pleads with sinners to repent to trust God.


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