How The Lamps Are To Be Lighted



The Lord said to Moses, “Give Aaron the following instructions: When you set up the seven lamps in the lampstand, place them so their light shines forward in front of the lampstand.” So Aaron did this. He set up the seven lamps so they reflected their light forward, just as the Lord had commanded Moses. The entire lampstand, from its base to its decorative blossoms, was made of beaten gold. It was built according to the exact design the Lord had shown Moses. ~ Numbers 8:1-4 (NLT)


The lamps provided light for the priests as they carried out their duties. The light was also an expression of God’s presence. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.”


Jesus, the Light of the World


Jesus spoke to the people once more and said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.” ~John 8:12 (NLT)


Jesus was speaking in the Treasury the part of the Temple where the offerings were and where candles burned to symbolize the pillar of fire that led the people of Israel through the wilderness. The pillar of fire represented God’s presence, protection, and guidance. In this context, Jesus called himself, “the light of the world” because he is God’s presence, protection, and guidance.


The Word gave life to everything that was created, and his life brought light to everyone. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. ~John 1:4-5 (NLT)


“The darkness can never extinguish it” means the darkness of evil never has and never will overcome God’s light. Jesus Christ is the Creator of life, and his life brings light to humankind. In his light, we see ourselves, as we are (sinners in need of a Savior). When we follow Jesus, the true Light, we can avoid walking blindly and falling into sin. He lights the path ahead of us so we can see how to live. He removes the darkness of sin from our lives.


In what ways have you allowed the light of Christ to shine into your life? Let Christ guide your life, and you’ll never need to stumble in darkness.


Is Jesus the light of your world?



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