How Jesus Cares For His Mother!

Jesus’ Provision for His Mother!


Standing by the cross of Jesus were His mother, His mother’s sister, Mary the wife of Clopas, and Mary Magdalene.

John 19:25 (HCSB)


A group of women, along with the Apostle John, stood near the cross. (Later, they would move farther away and join other friends of Jesus [Matt. 27:55-56; Mark 15:40-41].) John specifies four women:


  1. Mary, the mother of Jesus;
  2. His mother’s sister, Salome, the mother of James and John;
  3. Mary, the wife of Clopas (Cleophas); and
  4. Mary Magdalene.


It took courage to stand there in the midst of such hatred and ridicule, but their being there must have encouraged our Lord.


How Jesus Cares For His MotherThe first time we meet Mary in the Gospel of John, she is attending a wedding (John 2:1-11); now she is preparing for a burial. The hour had come! She was experiencing “the sword” that had been predicted years before (Luke 2:35). Her silence is significant: for if anyone could have rescued Jesus, it was His mother. All she had to do was announce that His claims were false—but she said nothing! What a testimony to the deity of Christ.


Even while dying on the cross, Jesus was concerned about his family. He instructed John to care for Mary, Jesus’ mother. Whether that moment John took Mary away from the scene and took her home, we do not know. We do know that he cared for her and that she was among the believers in the Upper Room as they awaited Pentecost (Acts 1:14). Even while He was performing the great work of redemption, Jesus was faithful to His responsibilities as a son. What an honor it was for John to take his Lord’s place in Mary’s life!


Our families are precious gifts from God, and we should value and care for them under all circumstances. Neither Christian work nor key responsibilities in any job or position excuse us from caring for our families.


What can you do today to show your love to your family?



Jesus looked to see His mother and the disciple He loved standing nearby.
Jesus (to Mary, His mother): Dear woman, this is your son (motioning to the beloved disciple)! 27 (to John, His disciple) This is now your mother.

John 19:26-27 (VOICE)


Now you know whom “the beloved disciple” is: the last eyewitness to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Mary has become family to John, fulfilling the dying wish of Jesus, his Savior. For those who are gathered at the foot of the cross, family is less about blood kinship than it is about covenant obedience.


The mother of the Lord will serve the redemptive purposes of her son and the Savior of the world until her last day on earth. Anyone feeling sorry for himself should think about Jesus. He spent all this time before His death, and through His death, demonstrating how to love and how to serve. He is asking John to do no more in serving Mary than He did in serving us.


From that moment, the disciple treated her like his own mother and welcomed her into his house.


Jesus asked his close friend John to care for his mother, Mary, whose husband, Joseph, must have been dead by this time.


Why didn’t Jesus assign this task to his brothers?


As the oldest son, Jesus entrusted his mother to a person who stayed with him at the cross – and that was John.

Bible Exposition Commentary – Be Transformed
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