The Story of Genesis Part 2!

Genesis Redemption


When He wrote the Bible, God didn’t give us a ponderous theology book divided into sections labeled God, Creation, Man, Sin, and so forth. Instead, He gave us a story, a narrative that begins in eternity past and ends in eternity future. It’s a story about God and His dealings with all kinds of people and how they responded to His Word.


As we read these narratives, we learn a great deal about God, our world; and ourselves and we discover that our own personal story is found somewhere in the pages of Scripture. If you read long enough and honestly enough, you will meet yourself in the Bible.


You will also notice in the Genesis record that when man does his worst and reaches his lowest, God gives him a new beginning.


Dr. G. Campbell Morgan said that the cycle in Genesis is “generation, degeneration and regeneration.”



  • Cain killed Abel, but God gave Seth to continue the godly line.
  • The earth became violent and wicked, so God wiped out humanity but chose Noah and his family to carry on His work.
  • Out of pagan Ur of the Chaldees, God called Abraham and Sarah and gave them a son, Isaac; and the future of God’s plan of salvation rested with that son.
  • Isaac and Rebekah had two sons, Esau and Jacob, but God rejected Esau and chose Jacob to build the twelve tribes of Israel and inherit the covenant blessings.


In other words, from beginning to end, Genesis is the story of God’s sovereign will and electing grace. This doesn’t suggest that the persons in the story were mere robots, because they made mistakes and even tried to thwart God’s plans. But whenever people resisted God’s rule, He overruled and accomplished His divine purposes anyway.



‘The counsel of the Lord stands forever, the plans of His heart to all generations” (Ps. 33:11).


What begins in Genesis is developed throughout the Bible and then finds its fulfillment in the Book of Revelation, as you can see from this summary:


Genesis Revelation
The first heaven earth The new heaven and and earth
The first garden; the Tree of Life guarded The “garden city” and the Tree of Life available
The first marriage The last marriage, the marriage of the Lamb
Satan tempts Eve to sin Satan thrown into the lake of fire
Death enters the scene “No more death”
Babylon built Babylon destroyed
The Redeemer promised The Redeemer reigns


There are many more comparisons and contrasts between these two books, but this gives you some idea of how important Genesis is to an understanding of God’s program and the rest of Scripture.


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