Do You Know What Our Calling As A Christian Is?

What Is Our Calling?


Just as you sent me into the world, I am sending them into the world.

John 17:18 (NLT)


I am sending them into the world.


our calling
Our calling as a Christian is not to better the living conditions of mankind, neither is it to demonstrate that we are more capable athletes or more successful salesmen.



Our calling as a Christian is to bear a true and faithful witness of the Person and will of God in Christ. We command people everywhere to repent, by what we are and by what we do and say.


If people will repent and serve the Lord, their living conditions ordinarily will improve. Or, they may be persecuted and die for their faith. In that instance we have not improved their living conditions at all. We have brought suffering and death to them.


We are not called to bless the world or to make it comfortable. We are called to rebuke the world, to warn it of the Day of Wrath that is on the horizon. When we cease to do this we are false prophets. We are not true friends of the peoples of the world when we refuse to warn them of the terror of the Day of the Lord or to point them to Christ as the only way of salvation.


The saint, who fails to warn the world of the wrath of God, or to point to the crucified and risen Christ as the only hope of salvation from that wrath, is the worst, the deadliest enemy of the nations of the earth. He has failed to fulfill his calling. He is of no use to the world and he is of no use to God. He is fit only for the garbage heap. There he will be placed by the world and by the Lord.


The world of today is blind. Satan binds the nations in mind, spirit, soul, and body. They are destroying themselves while they are groping for truth, for justice, for peace, for joy.


When we look to the Lord He shows us how and when to bear witness of His salvation.


The only source of truth, justice, peace, and joy is the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ has sent us into the world so that through His Spirit we may continue His work of destroying the works of the devil. It is only through the destruction of the works of the devil that truth, justice, peace, and joy can come into the world.


We saints, as Christ dwells in us, are the light of the world and the only light of the world. The world never will be released into the liberty of the glory of the children of God until the Church has been made one in Christ in the Father.


The horrible condition of the world today is not the fault of the world. Satan is victimizing the world, and only Christ dwelling in the saints is able to overcome Satan. The churches are not to be waiting for the world to repent. It is the world that must wait until the churches repent.


God’s people will have to repent of their sin and self-seeking before Christ will be able to release the nations through them. It is God’s people who must repent.


Each of us deplores the condition of the world of today. Each of us ought to be willing to do what he can to make a better world in which people can live in righteousness, peace, and joy.


However, this can be done neither through humanistic endeavors nor through alliances with secular organizations. Can only the Spirit of Christ working in the saints bring righteousness, peace, and joy to the nations of the earth.


The greatest assistance any member of the Body of Christ can give the world is to seek the Lord with his whole heart. Our occupation in the world provides food and shelter for us and for those who are dependent on us. But such necessary work is our practical responsibility, not our calling.


God the Father did not send the Lord Jesus Christ into the world to make better chairs and tables for the inhabitants of Nazareth, or to clean up the corruption in the palace of the Caesars, or even to multiply bread for the hungry of Jerusalem.


God the Father sent the Lord Jesus Christ into the world in order to destroy the works of the devil, to loose human beings from the power of Satan and bring them into union with God. God desires obedience to His will and praise to His holy name on the part of all the peoples of the earth. We are to pray that such obedience and praise come into being.





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