The Census Of Levites Not Conducted By Humans!

Now, let me give you an interesting little fact. Unless one looks closely and knows Hebrew, it is easy to assume that the method of counting the Levites (other than the age difference of who was to be counted) was about the same, as was done with the general census of all the Israelites; but that is not the case.


Levites Not Conducted By Humans


In fact, the census wasn’t even conducted by humans.


“Number the sons of Levi by their fathers’ households, by their families (clans). You shall number every male from a month old and upward.” So Moses numbered them just as he was commanded by the word (mouth) of the Lord.

Numbers 3:15-16 (AMP)


In verses 15 and 16 where it talks about Moses dealing with the Levite census most bible translations say that, “Moses numbered (or counted) them at the command, or the word, of God”, but this misses the mark.


The Hebrew word typically translated numbered or counted is paqad; and it has a wide range of meaning. In this context probably a better modern English word than number or count would be “record”.


Further in Hebrew the word usually translated as “word” or “command” of God in this verse, is ‘al pi. And more precisely it means (from a modern English language standpoint) “oracle”.


In other words the results of the census were divinely related to Moses, directly from God…. it was an oracle from God, a very special announcement made for a monumental purpose.


Neither Moses nor Aaron, nor the Levite tribal chieftains, nor any human for that matter, was involved in the counting of the Levites. This was much too important of a matter because redemption was at the heart of it.


Instead God Himself conducted the census and Moses was simply told the results by means of an “oracle” from God, and then what God said was written down (recorded).


We could spend hours talking about all the principles of redemption that are touched upon in these verses; the same principles that were manifest in the life, death, and resurrection of Yeshua.


But I’ll just mention just one, for now, and I hope this goes deep into your soul.


It would do no good for leaders and elders of all the churches and synagogues of the world to conduct a census in order to determine how many people are actually redeemed (or in evangelical Christian-eze, saved).


The Holy Scriptures makes it clear that the Lord, and the Lord alone, makes that determination. The census of saved people that will be performed in an instant before the Rapture of Believers will not be done according to church or synagogue records as determined by the calculation of men; God Himself will do it.


That Baptism Certificate, or your name on a church or synagogue membership role, or that you were voted or appointed an Elder or a Deacon; or even if you are a Pastor or Rabbi with a Certificate of Ordination…all of these are nice and meaningful things in man’s religious activities; but they count for exactly nothing when God takes His final census.


Because it is so important and eternal in its consequences the census of those who are redeemed (and by default who are not) will not be left in the hands of a Pope, or a Bishop, or a Pastor, or a Rabbi, or a Church board or a synagogue committee, or any man for that matter.


Our Lord will ensure that not ONE Believer is going to be accidentally overlooked and left behind. Yet as joyful and reassuring as that prospect is, also realize that not one who should NOT be included will be allowed to accidentally slip on in.


God will make that determination based on His intimate and perfect knowledge of each individual’s heart, and whether that individual has fully accepted the saving provision God has made for mankind, Yeshua Our Savior.


All the special religious status and honors and titles than men confer upon men won’t matter. Our attendance record, how nice we are, saying all the right things and sincerely believing doctrines that sound godly but aren’t, and the many things that impress men, will not be part of the determination.


Just as here in Leviticus where God did the counting of the Levites Himself, only God will take the census of Believers and record them in His Heavenly Book of Life because only God can see the heart and the soul for what it really is.





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