In The Beginning God Prepared The Heavens And Earth!

Genesis gives the beginning of almost everything, including the beginning of the universe, life, humanity, Sabbath, death, marriage, sin, redemption, family, literature, cities, art, language, and sacrifice.




In the beginning God… The Scriptures don’t try to prove the existence of God. They begin with the truth that everyone knows there is a God. This is exactly the point of Romans 1:18-20. There is an intuitive knowledge of God on the inside of every single person who has ever lived. We shouldn’t argue with anyone about His existence. We just go past their heads to their hearts and touch the part of them that knows there is a God.


God is the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last (Revelation 1:8 and 11). He existed before anything else. He created everything else that exists (John 1:3). Some sci-fi fanatics try to present God as nothing but a superior alien, but that’s not what this scripture says. God doesn’t just have superior intellect and know how to use natural law more than we do. He is the Creator, not manipulator, of nature.


The Creation


beginning of creation


The creation account in Genesis is foundational to the message of the entire Bible, not just of Genesis or the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Hebrew Bible). Understanding the early chapters of Genesis is thus crucial to forming a biblical worldview.


This part of Genesis deals with fundamental questions:


Who created the world, and for what purpose?
Why is the world in its present condition?



Foundations Of The Kingdom


kingdom of beginnings


The necessary beginning point in studying the theme of “the kingdom of God” is the Bible’s opening verse.


IN THE beginning God (prepared, formed, fashioned, and) created the heavens and the earth.

Genesis 1:1 (AMP)


Here we meet the Sovereign of all the Universe, whose realm, reign, and regency are described at the outset.


  1. His realm (or scope of His rule) is transcendent; that is not only does it include the entire physical universe, but it exceeds it. He existed before all creation, He expands beyond it, and by virtue of having begotten it, He encompasses all that it is.
  2. His reign (or the power by which He rules) is exercised by His will, His word, and His works. By His own will He creatively decides and designs; by His own word He speaks creation into being; and by His own works His Spirit displays His unlimited power.
  3. His regency (or authority to rule) is in His preexistence and holiness. He is there before creation “in the beginning.” Thus, as its Creator, He deserves to be its Potentate (a monarch or ruler). His benevolent intent in creating things “good” reveals His holy nature (that is, complete and perfect), and thus His moral right to be creation’s King. All kingdom power and authority flow from Him.


Andrew Wommack’s Living Commentary



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