Amazing How Jesus Declares His Trust In God To Deliver Him!

In my previous post on Psalm 22, we discussed “The Powerful Prophetic Picture Of The Coming Messiah!” Today we are going to study, God’s holiness, our ancestor’s trust and confidence in God.


Trust God


Christ’s Strength From God

Jesus affirms his trust in God to deliver him, knowing he will not be disappointed.


Nevertheless, you are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel. (Psalm 22:3)


These questions from Psalm 22:1-2 seem to convey doubt and confusion and are followed by a strong assertion of trust in God and his sovereignty. Christ thought to himself, yet you are enthroned, as an affirmation of his understanding that the silence of God did not mean that God had abdicated his position as the sovereign ruler over the affairs of men.


Also, this was the answer to Christ’s question “Why?” When Jesus became sin for the many, the Holy One, God, hid his face from his own beloved Son. He understood that a holy God would not have fellowship with one who was sinful and unclean.


Nevertheless, you are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel. In you our ancestors put their trust; they trusted, and you rescued them. They cried to you and escaped; they trusted in you and were not disappointed. (Psalm 22:3-5 CJB)


Furthermore, the Psalmist knew that God was the praises of Israel, and this was exemplified by the fact that the ancestors put their trust in God. The psalmist remembered the faithfulness of God from his past witness when dealing with Israel. Three times in verses 4-5 the verb for trust is used as a synonym for faith in God.


Realizing the past faithfulness of God, the psalmist could confidently assert, “They trusted, and you rescued them.” God has always been faithful to deliver his people who put their trust in him. “Will God not therefore also be faithful to deliver me?” pictures the psalmist in desperation.


Christ was encouraged to persevere upon the cross, as he meditated on the character of God and his faithfulness to deliver his own in his darkest hour. If the nation of Israel cried to the Lord and were saved, how much more the Son of God?


From the beginning of the nation through the lineage of Abraham (Gen. 15:6), the nation originated with men and women who trusted and were not disappointed in God (Hebrews 11).


Indeed, the Son of God would not be disappointed because the same Father who hid his face from his Son would raise him from the grave in three days.


That is it for today. In my next blog post we will be studying, “Christ’s Scorn From God.”


Holman Old Testament Commentary – Psalms: 11



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