7 Things To Do To Stay Spiritually STRONG




  1. Spend Time With God Daily – Open up your Bible, read it, and pray for others.
  2. Feed Your spirit On Other Sources – You need to feed on more than yourself.
  3. Be Quiet! – If you’re not quiet you will not hear God speak to you about the deeper things He wants to say to you.
  4. Spend Time With Those Who Strengthen Your Soul.
  5. Acknowledge God 7 Times A Day – It literally changes you to the atmosphere of God.
  6. Say No to things You Shouldn’t Do – 85% someone else can do, 10% train someone else to do, 5% You Do!
  7. Pray To Be Filled With the Holy Spirit.



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  1. Raymond Jones says:

    I can relate to the life of Hosea, for I too went through the same thing in my marriage. My wife was on drugs and to get money she would sell her body even to my brother. She also has a severe drinking problem. Regardless of all, she has done, I FORGAVE HER. And this was hard for me, but for some reason I stood by her, even though it caused me to stop going to church at that time, I didn’t give place to Satan. My wife passed away in 2013. I use to try and talk to my wife about JESUS and the blessings of paying tithes. We were not wealthy, but we were so blessed. She was sick unto death, and she asks me if I was going to leave her and my answer was that I made a vow to GOD first then to her, until death does us part, in sickness and health, this is unconditional love. I am 65 now GOD IS MY NEW LOVE. I’ll never marry again because it’s a distraction, 1st Cor. chapter 7. GOD BLESS YOU

    • Monique says:

      Wow Raymond what a testimony of God’s love operating through you. Your testimony has so blessed me. Thank you for sharing. May God shower you with His many blessings for your faithfulness to your wife.

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